Cat on A Hot Tin Roof

Cat on A Hot Tin Roof

DVD - 1997
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A drama of the problems of a wealthy but decadent family in the South. Members of the family gather to face the impending death of their patriarch, Big Daddy, and battle over the inheritance of his vast estate.


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NWPL Feb 09, 2017

The play version is more realistic but I did enjoy the movie as well. Newman and Taylor were great in their roles, but it is the secondary characters (and actors) that make the film more interesting.

Jan 09, 2017

You know, I'm getting pretty damn fed up with having to endure watching yet another movie about some whining, resentful child (who's now grown up) who is laying absolute blame on at least one of his/her parents for not loving him/her (when they were younger) the way that they figured they should've been loved. C'mon now, you snivelling, little twits, get over it!!

From my point of view - If there was any well-deserved blame and resentment to be levelled here at Big Daddy, and, yes, Big Mama, too, it should be for giving their sons such utterly idiotic names like Brick, and especially Gooper.

Yeah, Gooper! What person(s) in their right mind would lay such an inhuman cruelty on their own offspring by naming their little brat Gooper!!?? That's a fate worse than death, if you ask me.

Dec 07, 2016

GREAT 1958 film drama set in South based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name by Tennessee Williams. Interesting setting as the sons of a farmer who's hard work helped create a wealthy farm/estate are dealing with his medical problems which threaten his life - and are dealing (along with their wives) with who will inherit/control the farm, etc.
Excellent acting by Paul Newman and Liz Taylor (and everyone else).
I was far too young to understand the adult themes in this 1958 film when it came out - but am glad I gave it a watch - now that I am a, um, grown up.

Oct 24, 2016

Any movie based on a play has to be good. I don't understand what a lot of the reviews here are talking about. Horror? Homosexual? I didn't get that impression at all! It is more about a family who is struggling on the inside, and because of "Big Daddy's" losing battle with cancer, it forced the truth to come out in everyone so that they could resolve their conflict. It makes you explore your own live a little more. It is meant to be a thought provoking film. Not a comedy, or action film.

Sep 21, 2016

Favourite movie quote - "One of those no-neck monsters just hit me with some ice-cream."

Attention : Horror-Movie Fans!.... Welcome to the "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" horror show. It's all about human greed at its most contemptible. Truly repulsive, it is. This incredibly scathing sample of avarice is, of course, brought to you courtesy of the unbelievably insatiable, playwright, Tennessee Williams.

Williams sure had a real knack for exposing (through his plays) the ugly, detestable side of human nature. And he did it with such a knowledgeable sense of accuracy, too.... I guess - "Birds of a feather flock together' is how the saying (and, also, how this movie) goes.

And talk about having about a 100 axes to grind - Man, these ruthless, little no-neckers (one, and all) rip, and tear, and claw their fiendish way right through every single scene in this flick. I mean, can't these folks even just enjoy a peaceful, little picnic of hoppin' jaw and crocodile gizzards without a sneer and a lousy remark being exchanged with every goddamn mouthful of food? Well, can't they?

Anyway - That, of course, ends my riveting review of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.... Meow!!

May 11, 2015

For me, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof was basically a textbook exercise in vicious heartlessness from start to finish. It's certainly a familiar, old tale about a low-down, muck-slinging, skeleton-in-your-closet, Family Feud with all the savage trimmings thrown in at no extra cost.

Who'd have ever thought that "Southern-Fried" rich folks would love to hate each other so much? But, of course, playwright, Tennessee Williams knows. Especially when it comes to the likes of one's immediate family... Yep. Yep.

Anyway - With all of that said and done - Who can really blame me for complaining that I personally found Cat On A Hot Tin Roof to be a major letdown.

Too many people have told me far too often that this one was really, Really, REALLY(!!) a super-great flick - A "Classic", in fact. But, no, it wasn't. Sorry, but, big-time bickering and non-stop bitching gets unbelievably annoying and boring after a while, regardless of who the beautiful people are that are delivering the dialogue.

IngloriousBelcher Jan 19, 2015

Paul Newman & Elizabeth Taylor are normally fantastic, but this film was torture. It was an hour and a half of whining, screaming rich adults & their slightly less annoying screaming children. I haven't seen anything oozing with this much nauseating white privilege since Gone with the Wind.

jcharmed Apr 20, 2013

I have always loved this movie. Since I was a kid it was one of my favorite old movies and Paul Newman is incredibly hot but I did not know it was about him being gay. I want to see it again and I wish they did not cut all that out. It would have been that much more amazing. Wow, I just cant believe it. I always though it was about Maggie's affair with Skipper not that they were lovers.

Jul 02, 2012

I keep re-borrowing, I must like it. I like it for the beautiful stars and the drama; the script is a mess, the original play seems to have been drastically altered to remove a homosexual issue from the plotline. I don't know if it ever made sense, it doesn't anymore IMO. Not a problem; between the curiousity factor of watching such an old movie, the great acting, and the way you can instantly relate to the characters, it's all fine. Apparently the no-neck monsters issue is timeless!

jmmason Jan 13, 2012

The "love that dare not speak its name" is that Paul Newman is in mourning for his dead lover Skipper. This is the mendacity that Big Daddy keeps harping on. The reason Brick doesn't want to have sex with Maggie the Cat is because he's homosexual. One of Tennessee William's best plays that was hacked-up by Hollywood because of the gay angle. Paul Newman a queer...? Who would believe that? A guy turning down Elizabeth Taylor? How could this be? And let's hear it for those no-neck monsters.

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