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It's Christmas Eve and Sin-Dee (newcomer Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) is back. Hearing that her pimp boyfriend (James Ransone, STARLET, Generation Kill) hasn't been faithful during the 28 days she was locked up, the sex worker and her best friend, Alexandra (newcomer Mya Taylor), go on a mission to get to the bottom of this rumor. Their odyssey leads them through various subcultures of Los Angeles.


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Feb 08, 2018

I cant believe anyone thought this movie deserved anything less than 4 stars. This is a great movie, filled with dark humor and poignant moments that any transgender person can relate to. I love it. Definitely in my top 5 LGBT films.

Oct 08, 2017

According to IMDB cost for this was around 100,000.00 and return around 700,000.00. Apparently it is on the strength of this that Sean moved up to 'The Florida Project'. I don't see the budget for that one but Willem Dafoe probably means wider release. Perhaps it is unfair to say that these particular trannies have been allowed to portray themselves in a way that is comfortable for them. To me, neither the A or B plot here is convincing. I don't think it is time well spent if sparkly scenery, flashy clothing, and an upbeat sound track is the reward. One bit part player in the extras made the point that Baker has puke scenes in all his previous films as he has here. Haven't fact checked that. In thinking about this one, I recalled 'Even Dwarfs Started Small'. I don't say the film has no value. I take it on faith that it is a hard thing for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Also, one cannot live by bread alone. It is good to be reminded of friendship. It looks like this particular way of living is entrenched.

Sep 03, 2017

At first I was mildly amused but then the movie just got worse as it went along.

Mar 28, 2017

A fresh out of jail sex worker went hunting for a "fish" called Dinah who cheated with her fiancee/pimp Chester. An original script that focused on the subculture of LA's Santa Monica and Highland neighborhood where the transgenders, their community and johns have best friends, fall in love, have dreams, some with families and all must work to make money. An uneasy topic but made enjoyable by the unpretentious story without many comic moments starring a duo of talented transgender actors.

3/4 Roger Ebert; 97% Rotten Tomatoes and 7/10 IMDb

Mar 24, 2017

Just another transgender garbage film. Lousy plot. Lousy acting.

May 04, 2016

Acting is terrific. Very funny look at not-so-easy lives. Friendship abides. Not a 5 star for me because it does drag a little over a tiny plot. Rodriguez and Taylor mostly overcome that with fantastic performances. Want to see them in more.

modboi5 Mar 30, 2016

Terrific! Funny and very real, down to earth, gritty. If you have ever been to L.A., the humour & location will ring true for you. Also, if you like small underdog films, this is the movie to root for! Amazing!!! Best small pic of 2015!

Dec 03, 2015

a new Christmas classic


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Mar 28, 2017

*** some with raw language ***
Loose lips:
I've been keeping a secret about me and Chester.
-Girl... Whoo! I know what it is! You're breaking up with him! Thank God. Because honey, if he's gonna be cheating on you like that...
-Wait, wait, wait.
What? You didn't know?
Misc quotes:
Mystic, merry, Toyland
Once you pass its borders
You can ne'er return again...
Christmas is for Americans. For us, it's another work day.
She was with a friend and her name is Sin-Dee.
-Oh, the train wreck and the hot mess. Yeah.
They left? What do you mean they left?

Mar 28, 2017

The johns:
Well we have seen you cruising around for at least 45 minutes.
So you didn't just park it and come down
- I just... I... Like ten minutes ago I was driving around. I was on the phone. I realized... You know what, sir? I shouldn't be talking and driving the car. That's it. That's it.
Why does he owe you money?
-We made a business transaction.
A business transaction? OK.
Razmik supports the family. He takes care of us.
-What are you talking about? He only takes care of himself.
You girls usually have some exotic names.
Where you from?
-Does it really matter where I'm from?
You new? New in town?
This is like the second time this month that this happened to me. I'm tired of being fxcking nice to people.
-I've got some money for you. Don't worry, man. I think this is becoming our favorite spot.

Mar 28, 2017

Ordinary people:
Ashken, you have a great son-in-law.
-He's great but he gets tired too much.
He's lucky he's in America. Imagine if he was in Armenia.
There's no Christmas without snow.
-Christmas is Christmas regardless of the weather.
Feels fake. Los Angeles is a beautifully wrapped lie.
Is that a dog or a cat? (inside a pet cage)
-A dog.
What's the name?
Alfie is a very well behaved dog, huh? It's so quiet.
-It's empty.
I was named like all Indian Cherokee babies are named. First thing the mother sees when the baby is born she names that fucking baby. So when I was born, my mama looked out the window, and she seen a red bird, flying overhead in the sky. Cherokee Indian name for red bird is Mia Mia. So, she called me Mia. If you think that's a girl's name, it's not. I'm glad she didn't look out the window and see an outhouse.
She's getting skinnier and skinnier. Everyone comes to America and gets fat. Even I gained weight. But this girl gets skinnier.

Mar 28, 2017

The lingoes:
***Note***fish: 1. a very derogatory term used by some to refer to non-trans women. Often considered highly offensive. 2. a compliment among some, too: "You look so fish."
What? You two are getting married? You just went from half fag to full fag!
Who is she?
-Girl, she's some white fish. I don't know.
Chester is fxcking cheating on me with real fish?
I've been told you this was gonna happen. All men cheat. That's why they're called trade. Do them just as dirty as they do us. Out here it's all about our hustle, and that's it.
Why do fish come in to our territory?
-Cause when they're Jane, girl, they're jade.
What kind of fun?
-I was thinking maybe BBBJ?
You might be his bottom bxtch, but I'm his girlfriend,


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