Lusitania Saga and Myth By Ramsay, David Book - 2002

Lusitania: Saga and Myth ----- by David Ramsay. Expecting a good read about the sinking of this ocean liner? Expecting to peer through the periscope of the German U boat that sent this ship to the bottom in a mere eighteen minutes? Expecting a tale in the manner of the loss of the Titanic? Well, sorry to disappoint you: this is a scholarly book not a volume to pull at the heartstrings like a screenplay for a Saturday night movie. Oh yes, the sinking of the vessel is detailed but so are all the details both before and after: the hearings and inquiries held afterword to mete out and apportion guilt and responsibility for this fateful event. The myths of the sinking are laid to rest: the various conspiracy theories as well as the role of the sinking relative to the entry of the US into the war.
In spite of its meticulous approach, the book is eminently readable, especially by those with a greater interest in Lusitania’s end. The casual reader, however, will probably find him or herself overwhelmed.

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