Star Wars
Star Wars Millennium Falcon By Luceno, James Book - 2008

Complete garbage in every way. This is not Karen Travis, folks (author of the truly excellent republic commando series, among others). I don't know whether the author is completely talentless or he just mailed it in because it was a hired gig. But either way, this novel is.. How shall I put this? It's pure excrement. As in stinky poop. It's bad. It's really bad. It has no redeeming qualities. How and why is it bad? Let me count the ways. A ridiculous premise, a poorly-executed exploration of that premise, characters who are not introduced in any meaningful way, no emotional content for the reader to latch onto, and a completely anticlimactic "treasure" at the end. When the treasure turned out to be what it was, there was a brief moment of hope, despite the fact that it hadn't been set up earlier. I though Ah, here's a chance for the author to redeem himself with the character's reaction to it. He could explore the the naivete of those who thought this republic symbol would somehow have changed the course of history, had it been found. But no. Nothing. Just emptiness. If you've read this entire review you may be determined enough to finish it, like I was, but you will find yourself disappointed at every turn.

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