Star Wars
Star Wars Millennium Falcon By Luceno, James Book - 2008

Whoever thought up the idea for this book was a genius! And James Luceno was a genius for writing it the way he did. The story makes Han, Leia and Allana’s quest to discover the origins of the Falcon relevant to both the Star Wars canon and the lives of the book’s main characters, in addition to being a fun and incredibly engaging adventure. It also portrays the Falcon as more than just a ship. The interludes, which take the time about Han’s thoughts of the Falcon at different points in time, are well-timed, insightful, and very intriguing. They help us to understand why the Falcon is so important to Han. And it makes a smooth, genuine effort to address the weight of recent events instead of pretending that they didn’t happen, allowing Han, Leia, and Alana the chance to heal. And at the same time, it sets up for the next chapter in Legends history. My one complaint is a very minor one; switching writing styles after the Legacy of the Force was a bit of an adjustment. I give this book a ten out of ten for being the book that fans wanted, but still amazing.
@R2-D2 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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