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ArapahoeMarina created a list May 29 2019
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In Spaaaace!

"What might our space travel future look like? Here are some of my favorite new answers."
ArapahoeMarina created a list Jan 22 2019
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Understanding #BlackLivesMatter

"History is always in the process of being made. Learn more about the new generation of civil rights activists."
ArapahoeMarina created a list Aug 27 2018
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Hidden Figures

"Often overlooked by historians and the newsmakers of their times, women and people of color have a long history and an exciting future in space!"
ArapahoeMarina created a list Jul 26 2018
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Obama's Summer Reading

"All descriptions are from his Facebook post:"
ArapahoeMarina created a list May 09 2018
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A is for Asexual!

"The LGBTQIA+ acronym can be a mouthful, and while most of us have heard of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, what does the "QIA" part stand for? Take a look at some of these stories about queer/questioning, intersex and asexual in..."
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